How f1 works



miniflag Practice sessions are split into 3 segments, FP1 (1h 30mins), FP2 (1h 30mins) and FP3 (1h).

miniflag During this sessions, drivers make use of the time to try to get used to the race track.

miniflag Data analyst would collect and read the data from the car such as fuel usage, air flow ect...

miniflag Drivers will give feedback about the car to the engineers to help create the best possible setup for the car.


miniflag Qualifying sessions are split into 3 segments, Q1 (18mins), Q2 (15mins), Q3 (12mins).

miniflag During qualifying, drivers are sent out to track to set the best lap time.

miniflag Q1, at the end of the session, the five slowest drivers are eliminated from qualifying, with their positions, based on who is faster, locked.

miniflag Q2, the times are reset and drivers go for another run to set the fastest time, with another 5 slowest drivers eliminated.

miniflag Q3, times are reset again and the remaining 10 drivers are set to go for another run to set the fastest time, with the fastest starting infront during the race.




miniflag An f1 race last at max for 2 hours, or 305km, whichever come first.

miniflag During a race, drivers do not just try and race as fast as possible. There are many conditions that affects the race.

miniflag Before a race, strategists would dicuss with the driver on when to pit, which means to go into the pit-lane and change tyres, since tyres degrade over time.

miniflag Fuel management is also important, ever since F1 ban refuelling in 2010. Push too hard during a race and there would'nt be enough fuel to finish the race.

miniflag Points are given with the 1st place with 25 points, 2nd with 18 points, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, for 3rd to 10th, and an additional point for fastest lap (Only if they are in the top 10).


miniflag Soft (Red) tyres have the most grip, which means faster lap times, however has the shortest lifespan and highest tyre wear.

miniflag Medium (Yellow) tyres is more balanced, with slower lap times than the Soft, but has a longer lifespan and lower tyre wear.

miniflag Hard (White) tyres have the least grip, which means having the slowest lap times, however has the highest lifespan and lowest tyre wear.

miniflag Over time, tyres would degrade/wear off, causing grip to be lost, thus, having the softest tyres does'nt mean being faster than another car using the harder compounds.